Bell Creek Wedding Ceremonies

Getting married?  Congratulations!

At Bell Creek Community Church, we, the pastors, take the matter of officiating at weddings very seriously.  Therefore we have developed some guidelines that will help you determine if we are a good fit to perform your ceremony. 

Use of the Church Facility and Statement of Faith

We only allow people within our church fellowship to use our church facility, and only pastors from Bell Creek Community Church can officiate weddings in our church.  If you have not read our statement of belief on Human Sexuality and Marriage, please go here: What We Believe and read it.  We require that all couples getting married subscribe to this statement.


We prefer local weddings (within 20 miles or less) of Bell Creek Community Church, but we handle this on a case by case basis.

Pre-Marital Counseling

We require that both parties come to our offices for a series of 4-5 pre-marital counseling sessions. In these sessions, we will discuss the biblical foundations for marriage, the purpose of marriage, the responsibilities of husbands and the wives, and other topics.

Christian Worship at Your Wedding

If you invite one of the Bell Creek pastors to officiate at your wedding, we will be conducting a Christian wedding.  A Christian wedding is not just a ceremony, it is a worship service.  This means that we will open in prayer, we will preach a short message from the bible on marriage, and we will have you take traditional wedding vows (see the next section for more information on vows).

Wedding Vows

Many people wish to add their own promises and sentiments to their wedding vows which is fine, but if we perform your ceremony, there are certain things that we will require the bride and the groom to promise each other in the vows.  We will give you some sample vows to look at far ahead of time.  If you write your own vows, that’s okay, but we reserve the final say on them because we take the promises you are making to each other very, very, seriously.

Pregnancy and Divorce

If the bride-to-be is pregnant or if either party has been divorced, we want to know about it immediately. This does not mean that we will not perform the wedding ceremony; we just want to have the information beforehand.  We handle these things on a case by case basis.

Living Together

If you and your fiancé are living together, we will require that you live apart and abstain from sex for a period of time before we will perform your wedding ceremony. 

The Wedding Rehearsal and Arrangements

When a couple decides to get married, it seems like everyone has an opinion as to what should take place at the ceremony. However, the only person we will take orders from concerning the actual wedding ceremony is the bride.


If you are interested in having Bell Creek host your wedding, please contact us.