Here you will find resources that will help you read the Bible, study the Bible, learn about prayer, learn about theology, read great Christian authors, and grow in your walk with God. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list of resources for your spiritual formation. Enjoy and GROW!

Becoming A Christian

How to Know God – How do we know God? Check out this resource from Cru to learn what it means to place your faith in Jesus and become a Christian. 

First Steps to Growing as a Christian

Now What? – Cru provides ten basic steps to Christian maturity!

Online Bibles

Bible Gateway

English Standard Version Bible (ESV)

New International Version Bible (NIV)

Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

NET Bible (NET)

Greek New Testament

Bible Reading Plans

Read the Bible in 90 Days

Read the Bible in a Year

Read the Bible Chronologically in a Year (Read the Bible in the order that the events happened)

Two Weeks of Bible Readings on the Life and Teachings of Jesus

Two Weeks of Bible Readings on the Life and Teachings of Paul

Two Weeks of Bible Readings on the Holy Spirit

Two Weeks of Bible Readings on Prayer

Bible Study

The Bible Project – A series of videos concerning the books and themes of the Bible.

Christian Living and Ethics

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) – The Gospel Coalition provides resources on a variety of topics from an evangelical perspective.

Desiring God – The ministry founded by Pastor John Piper provides articles on a variety practical issues.

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission – The ethics division of the Southern Baptist Convention site contains writings on various topics.

Life Training Institute – Persuasively communicating the pro-life message.


Stand to Reason – Greg Koukl explains a tactical approach to becoming an ambassador for Christ.

Answers in Genesis – Primarily focusing on a scientific defense of young-earth creationism, but also covers other topics. 

Embrace the Truth International – Embrace the Truth International exists to offer Muslims, Jews, cult members and skeptics the value of embracing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ no matter the cost, through the demonstration of sound apologetics, personal testimony, and the expression of Christ-like love, gentleness and respect for tradition, belief, and the individual.

Please Convince Me – Real questions for real faith in the real world.

Cross Examined - A lot of topics relevant to young people.

Historical Christian Resources

Early Christian Writings – a free translation of the earliest Christian writings, including the church fathers and apocrypha (non-canonical writings).

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – A digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books selected for edification and education.

Monergism – A free, comprehensive online theological library comprised of Reformed Christian resources.

Sermons and Writings

Johnathon Edwards Center – A collection of the writings and sermons of Jonathon Edwards.

MLJ Trust – a collection of sermons delivered by Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

The Spurgeon Center – a collection of books, lectures, and sermons written and delivered by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Historic Creeds and Confessions

The Apostles Creed (circa 3rd century)

The Nicene Creed (325)

The Belgic Confession (1561)

Heidelberg Catechism (1563)

Canons of Dort (1619)

The Westminster Confession (1647)

The London Baptist Confession (1689)

Resources for Men

Desiring God (Men)  – a series of articles addressing contemporary issues facing men. 

Resources for Women

Theology for Women – Written by Wendy Alsup it is simply what the title says it is. Really intelligent but relatable and understandable theology.

She Reads Truth – Daily bible study + devotional

The Beginning of Wisdom – Written by Jen Wilkin, teacher at Village Church, this directs to encouraging blog posts as well as links to resources/studies she has written.

Resources for Prayer and Discipleship

Biblical Training – free courses in a variety of topics for discipleship and spiritual growth.

Reformation Journals –  Offers a variety of journals using a proven biblical method for discipleship.

Great Online Bookstores

Reformation Heritage Books