Bell Creek Community Church

A non-denominational church in Livonia, Michigan with Biblical teaching, worship, and kid's ministries.

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Why is Prayer front and center on our home page?

For the simple reason that we have come to realize that if we want to see God work in our church and in our individual lives we must ask Him for help. Asking means praying. At Bell Creek we are striving to put God first in our church by making prayer the foundation of our actions. Please join us on Wednesday evenings when we spend time praising God, thanking God, and asking God for the help that only He can provide (Psalm 50:15).

Psalm 50:15 summarizes our theology of prayer at Bell Creek:

  • God commands us to ask Him for help - "Call on Me in a day of trouble..."
  • He promises to help us - "...and I will rescue you..."
  • We proclaim what He has done for us - " will honor Me."

What is Prayer, exactly?

It is communicating with God about our failures, our worries, and our needs.  Prayer is praising and worshiping God for who He is, and telling Him we love and adore Him. Each time we pray, we come in contact with God. This is why Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Just as we cannot live without breathing, so we cannot abide in Christ without praying.

True Christian experience begins in prayer; it flourishes in prayer; and it decays with the neglect of prayer. It is Bell Creek's sincere desire to be a house of prayer.

Ready to pray?

Come join us for a time of Worship and Prayer at Bell Creek's Wednesday night prayer and praise is at 6:45 pm at the church (30000 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48154)